Garden Pictures June 2017 – 500 pounds in 3 weeks!

June 2017 Garden Update

While some people are already winding things down for the Spring season, things around here are taking off.  Here are more garden pictures to track our progress.  We have harvested over 500 pounds of produce in the first 3 weeks of June! We had so much bounty that we decided to give the Farmer’s Market a try (read about that here). We’ve had cucumbers coming out of our ears, fresh sweet corn to eat every night and more tomatoes than I care to can. The weather has continued to be mild with good rain. I don’t think we could have asked for a better season!

June 3 Garden Pictures

Don’t mind some of those ugly leaves, the plants are still producing. We don’t spray our plants with anything, but a good drink of some compost tea should help.

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