2015 Plum Fabulous! Garden Featured on Central Texas Gardener

In November of 2014, our garden was filmed by PBS’s Central Texas Gardener (CTG).  In January of 2015, our ten-minute segment aired in an episode called America’s Test Kitchen Christopher Kimball.


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    Virginia Leech

    Congratulations, Former Neighbor!
    Love the video and the kids’ participation. Hats off to the parents.
    I did not go to the square Saturday because of the weather. However, I would love to buy vegetables from you.

    Is there a way that you could prepare an order for me each week, and I pick it up. There are only two of us, Ed and me. Let me know if you would consider this.

    Thank you, and keep up your important work with those precious children.

    Virginia Leech

    • Hey Virginia! Thank you for the kind words. It was alot of fun to film that. I’m so glad to have such a great snap shot in time of the kiddos.

      The market on the square has been shut down by the City. We have moved the Farmer’s Market to the Jersey Barnyard temporarily. You can subscribe to our website (http://plumfabulous.farm/subscribe) and each week I send out an email with what we have available and where we will be since we do a couple different markets in the area. We have an on-line market (http://plumfabulous.farm/market) where you can always see what we have available. We are trying to add some of the other La Grange vendor’s as well to help them out during these uncertain times. I can deliver your order to the house, or have it ready for you to pick it up at the market.

      It’s great to hear from you. I hope you guys are fairing well during these crazy times.

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    Virginia Leech

    Thank you for all your leadership in this very important area of food.

    I will read your email, order on-line, and then you will deliver the order to the house. Is that the way you would like the deal to work? That certainly works for us.

    Let me hear if I have this right.

    Blessings, Virginia

  3. Yes, that sounds perfect Virginia. Just be sure and subscribe (http://plumfabulous.farm/subscribe) or you won’t get the weekly email.


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